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The Right to Food Campaign has formulated a set of common “essential demands” relating to the forthcoming National Food Security Act after a series of consultations within the campaign, culminating in a day–long National convention held in Delhi on 17th September 2009.

The campaign’s “essential demands” sets the Act in the context of the nutritional emergency in India and the need to address the structural roots of hunger. In concrete terms, the campaign demands a comprehensive “Food Entitlements Act”, going well beyond the limited promise in the UPA manifesto of 25 kgs of grain at Rs 3/kg for BPL households. Aside from an overarching obligation to protect everyone from hunger, as well as to promote sustainable and equitable food production, essential provisions of the proposed Act include: a universal Public Distribution System (providing at least 50 kgs of grain per family with 5.25 kgs of pulses and 2.8 kgs of edible oils); special food entitlements for destitute households (including an expanded Antyodaya programme); consolidation of all entitlements created by recent Supreme Court orders (e.g. cooked mid-day meals in primary schools and universalization of ICDS); support for effective breastfeeding (including maternity entitlements and crèches); safeguards against the invasion of corporate interests in food policy; and elimination of all social discrimination in food–related matters. Further, says the campaign, the Act must include strong accountability and grievance redressal provisions, including mandatory penalties for any violation of the Act and compensation for those whose entitlements have been denied.

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